Scallop draggers unhappy with state's cutoff in Cobscook

MACHIAS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Many scallop draggers near Cobscook Bay are frustrated as their fishing season came to an abrupt end last week.

Maine's Department of Marine Resources announced dragging in Cobscook and much of the surrounding area would come to an end. Typically the scallop season in Cobscook Bay goes until mid March.

Officials say they shortened the season because scallops have been over-harvested in Cobscook Bay this year. Last year draggers pulled in 380,000 pounds of scallops in and around the bay. As of last month 270,000 pounds were brought in.

Officials with the department say a lot of scallops were harvested in a short time, most likely because there are more boats dragging than in years past.

Maine brewers and restaurants can resume serving customers information

AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Restaurants, breweries and tap rooms in Maine can now return to the practice of posting the Alcohol By Volume, or ABV, contained in malt beverages on menus and chalkboards.

A couple weeks ago, a handful of establishments were informed that posting the ABV on menus or chalkboards violated state statute against advertising the strength of beer. 

While none of the businesses were cited or fined for the transgression, the enforcement action did cause concern among brewers, bar tenders, servers and restaurant owners.  They worried that by not posting the information they could be liable if their patrons became intoxicated by drinking beers with higher ABVs and not realizing their impairment.

Acadia National Park concerned for concession operations

BAR HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Officials at Acadia National Park say its been a challenge past couple of years. Sequester cuts delayed the parks opening last May. In September, the Government shutdown kept tourists out of the park. Now, there could be another delay with the opening of the concessions at Maine's only national park.

Acadia national park will open as scheduled for the summer season in May, but it could be a different story for concessions such as the Jordan Pond house and the gift shops at Thunder Hole and Cadillac Mountain.

After Acadia Coporation's concession's contract ended, the National Park Service chose Dawnland, LLC as the new concessions operator. The previous operator, a local company called Acadia Corporations, has contested the National Park Service's decision, and it will be heard in Federal Court on February 14th.

Robbery at Key Bank in Ellsworth

ELLSWORTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A robbery occurred at Key Bank on 162 High Street at approximately 1:45pm.

SURVEILLANCE PHOTOS: Robbery at Key Bank in Ellsworth

A small statured male entered the bank and went to a teller and demanded all the cash. The male had a hat or hood, sunglasses, a mask covering his nose and gloves on. The clothing was all grey or black. He was carrying a green soft side cooler that the cash was placed in. No weapon was displayed.

Investigators have viewed a video of the robber getting into the driver's side of a dark colored, full sized, extended cab pickup which was parked in the middle of the LL Bean parking lot.

Washington County dispatcher takes first recorded 'stork' call

MACHIAS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Workers mark milestones all the time in their careers but this weekend marked a big one for 9-1-1 dispatchers in Washington County.

They easily take hundreds of calls each day from people looking for help but early Sunday a pretty special one was dialed in and the dispatcher who took it says she won't forget it anytime soon.

NEWS CENTER's Mike DeSumma has the story.







Sexual assault pushes parents to protest school system

HARRINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- An 11-year-old boy in Harrington is accused of forcing a classmate to perform sexual acts on him during a sleepover then threatening the other boys to not say anything.

One year later and the allegations have come out. After investigating the accusations, State police have confirmed that the 11-year-old boy was charged with gross sexual assault back in late December.

The alleged victim's mother is speaking out and other parents are pushing the school to do something.

58 students from Harrington Elementary, which is about one third of the entire student body, stayed home from school today in protest of the fact the student who is accused of forcing his classmate to perform sexual acts on him is still a student at Harrington Elementary.