Council says Bar Harbor police handled Young situation incorrectly

BAR HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Bar Harbor Town Council voted 5-2 Wednesday not to reinstate Nathan Young as police chief, a position he held for almost 23 years. Young was fired after his own policemen found him slumped over the wheel of his car, appearing intoxicated.

"They clearly have the power to do an investigation. I'm certain that they were put in a very difficult position due to no fault of their own," said Town Manager Dana Reed.

The two junior officers who found Young said during Wednesday's hearing that they weren't sure what to do when they realized the man behind the wheel was their boss. One of them, Officer Larry Ficket, said he had made 175 arrests for OUI in his career. However, he didn't arrest the chief on September 25.

Organization uses new method to boost salmon population

EAST MACHIAS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The DownEast Salmon Federation is trying a new method to bring Atlantic salmon populations back to a healthy numbers. It's a popular fish to both eat and catch, but the population in Maine is too low.

"Salmon fishing has been closed here in Maine since 1997," said Jacob Van de Sande, Hatchery Manager and Outreach Education Coordinator at the DownEast Salmon Federation.

Van de Sande's job with the Down East Salmon Federation is to raise salmon populations. He said they use a water pump to help dig a hole that replicates where the salmon would lay their eggs. This new method is called egg planting, and is done on the gravely river floor where Vande  place hundreds of salmon eggs.  

"Our ultimate goal is to restore to the point where we can have a viable sports fishery," he said, an avid fisherman himself.

Downeast shop perfecting the art of smoked salmon

HANCOCK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine Seafood, it's a favorite with locals and a product that drives the economy of many coastal towns. Smoked Salmon isn't necessarily at the top of that list, but the Sullivan Harbor Farm Smokehouse in Hancock, Maine is doing it's best to put it there.  

The Smokehouse started operation out of a barn 21 years ago. In that time, founder, Joel Frantzman, has grown the businesses that sends fresh seafood to customers all over the country. Leslie Harlow, who has helped in the process couldn't be prouder of their product.   

"Everything's smoked and everything is ready to eat so it's a food that you don't have to go home and figure out how to cook it. You just want to go home and figure out how you can be creative with it," said Harlow.  

Bill impact on the control of bear population

TOWNSHIP 34, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- With 30,000 black bears, Maine has the highest population of bears in the entire country. It's a population that has been growing over the past 10 years.  

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife takes data from nearly 100 dens each winter to keep track of the population. Those numbers help determine the length of the hunting season and how many hunters would be needed. But that could become a bit tougher if a proposed referendum by the Mainers for fair bear hunting group passes in November- banning the three most successful ways bears are hunted.

National Drink Wine Day

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Today is National Drink Wine Day! According to their website, National Drink Wine Day is celebrated to spread the health benefits - and the love - of wine.

The positive benefits of wine include the enhancement of food and life, as while as reducing the risk of heart disease.

National Drink Wine Day is celebrated annually on February 18 across the United States.

Basketball player refuses to let being deaf slow him down

BAR HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The dream of every High School Basketball team in Maine is to hold that gold ball at the end of the season. A dream only one team a year from each Division will fulfill. There's one young, very talented, basketball player on the boys team at Mount Desert Island High School (MDI) who knows how important determination is in reaching that goal.

John Phelps is the point guard for the MDI boys team. His job is to set up plays and make sure their executed. Not easy considering he's been deaf since birth. Despite that, Phelps is at the top of his game according to his coach, Justin Norwood.

"Last year he was named to the all tournament team and this year he's been player of the week in our league," said Norwood.

The senior has developed a system for his players to understand using his hands to call out play signals. When it comes to understanding others, he has mastered the art of reading lips.

Downeast digs out after snow storm

ELLSWORTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- While the snow storm did not dump as much snow in parts of the state as was originally expected, some places did get quite the accumulation.  

Residents in the city of Ellsworth spent the morning shoveling out quite a hefty amount of snow. Downeast and eastern parts of the state saw up to a foot and even a foot and a half in some places, getting the worst of the storm. While they did get close a foot of snow, everyone was happy that it wasn't as bad as originally forecasted.   

The city of Ellsworth has been taking quite the hit this winter when it comes to snow and ice. That resulted in thousands of power outages. But this morning, they were happy to say that no power outages were reported.