Destructive invasive insect discovered on Mt. Desert Island

MOUNT DESERT ISLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Maine Forest Service said property owners and nature lovers need to be on the look-out for an invasive insect recently discovered in Maine.

A gardener on Mount Desert Island sent a sample in to the Maine Forest Service earlier this month hoping for more information about what is killing red pine trees in and around Northeast Harbor. After inspecting the sample and surveying the area, entomologists discovered several hundred acres of dead or dying red pine trees on the island due to an infestation of red pine scale.

Missing kayaker returns safely

STONINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) The United States Coast Guard says missing kayaker Tony Cashman returned to Stonington safely Sunday morning.

Officials say Cashman, a 45-year-old man from Ontario, Canada, became separated from his group Saturday evening.

Petty officer Kurt Hein says the US Coast Guard and Maine Marine Patrol launched a search for Cashman between Isle Au Haut and Marshall Island, all expected stopping points.

Hein said Cashman thought his group was stopping at Fog Island to rest for the trip to Marshall Island. Hein says when Cashman could not find his group, he decided to try and find them. When he couldn't, Cashman decided to stop at Saddleback Island to find shelter.

Maine company plans $125 million tidal power project

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A company's plan to build a tidal power project on the Pennamaquan River is making some Down East elver fishers furious.

Halcyon Tidal Power is looking to build a $125 million tidal power project, similar to a dam, in Washington County. It could provide electricity to 13,000 homes.

The project could take three years to finish, between completing the study plan and getting all the necessary permits.

"It is really the solution for the future, or at least a big part of it," Dr. Ramez Atiya, Chairman of Halcyon Tidal Power, said.

The company is currently developing a study plan for the project, which creates power and maintains the natural in and out flow of the tide. If the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approves the study plan, it will be used to see what the environmental impact would be to build the project on Cobscook Bay.

Maine Farm Bureau seeks to help Two Struggling Washington County Dairy Farmers

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --The Maine Farm Bureau is seeking donations to help two Washington County Dairy Farmers who have been facing serious financial hardships since the Moo Milk Organic Dairy ceased operations. The Rocky Ledge Farm in Perry and the Tide Mill Organic Farm in Edmunds are working out long term contracts for their milk, but those contracts are still a few weeks from being finalized.

David Bright, who is a member of the Maine Farm Bureau's Farmland Perservation Committee says there is a yogurt plant in New Hampshire that will take their milk in the interim, but the farmers can't afford the costs to truck it there.

The Farm Bureau is seeking to raise about $4,000 in donations to help pay for their trucking costs over the next few weeks

When asked how dire the situation is for those farmers, Bright said right now there dumping their milk.

One seriously injured after hiking accident at Acadia

ACADIA NATIONAL PARK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A man fell nearly 60 feet off some sheer cliffs at Acadia National Park Sunday morning.

The 22-year-old male from Brunswick was hiking near the precipice south wall on Champlain Mountain with no ropes, helmet, or harness when he fell.

Medics hiked in to the area to rescue the man, who has serious injuries. He was transported by LifeFlight to Eastern Maine Medical Center.

The trail has seen tragedy in the past. 22-year-old Shirley Ladd, a University of Maine student from Barnstead, New Hampshire fell to her death on Precipice Trail almost 2 years ago to the day.

There's no update on his condition at this time.

Investigator: Bird sanctuary fire was arson

ELLSWORTH, Maine (AP) -- The district attorney is reviewing the results of a state fire marshal investigation into an arson fire last March at Birdsacre, a nonprofit bird sanctuary in Ellsworth.

Sgt. Tim York tells WNSX-FM that the fire at the Stanwood Homestead Museum was intentionally set. The interior of the building is still in a state of disarray with fire damage, pieces of the collection destroyed and numerous items awaiting restoration.

The museum is part of a 200-acre wildlife sanctuary that aims to preserve the vision of ornithologist Cordelia Stanwood.

District Attorney Carlotta (Car-LEE'-tah) Dee Bassano said Wednesday that she's meeting with fire investigators to see if additional information can be gathered. She says it's too early to talk about suspects.

New scam tactic pops up in Ellsworth


(NEWS CENTER) -- A new scam has popped up in the city of Ellsworth looking for people to pay for overdue loans and other payments.

Detectives at the Ellsworth Police Department say these types of scams have been reported before, but now, scammers are going door-to-door impersonating officers for the attorney general's office.

One Ellsworth woman gave her credit card information to this person to keep her son from being arrested -- or so she was told.

Detective Dotty Small says people can be put in a tough situation when they see what they think is a police officer-- as this scammer is still out there.