Calais Regional Hospital gets new mammography room

CALAIS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Women in Eastern Maine now won't have to travel far for their yearly mammograms.

Calais Regional Hospital now has state of the art mammography equipment. The new equipment will take pictures quickly. Those pictures will then appear instantly on the screen, for the radiologist to look over.

The project started in spring 2009. Through funds donated by the hospital auxiliary and private donors and grants, the hospital was able to open the new equipment.

"USDA Rural Development has come forward and awarded us at $200,000 grant," said Calais Regional Hospital CEO Mike Lally. "That put us over the edge and allows us to be here today with the newest technology on the market, so we're thrilled."

The project totals about $350,000.

Virulent skin germ grates on Maine lobstering isle

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) -- Lobstermen on a Maine island are grappling with more than seafood: They're dealing with a persistent bout with antibiotic-resistant staph infections.

Over the past two summers, more than 30 people on Vinalhaven have come down with skin infections that have sent some people to their medical providers for repeated treatments with antibiotics.

It's the same variety of community-acquired methicillin-resistant staph, also known as MRSA that has hit the St. Louis Rams and other sports teams, military units and prisons.

Maine's epidemiologist, Dr. Stephen Sears, says it's a bit of a medical mystery as to how the bacteria found its way onto the island, but it's being spread by human-to-human contact. He says it's a problem for lobstermen but not lobster consumers. He says the state's signature seafood is safe to eat.