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Bar Harbor Town Manager stepping down

BAR HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- One of Maine's longest serving town managers is being let go. Bar Harbor Town Manager Dana Reed and the town council have reached a separation agreement after a 6-1 vote during Tuesday's council meeting.

Reed had one year left on his contract.

Reed entered the spotlight of controversy in recent months after placing former Police Chief Nate Young on paid leave after allegedly driving while intoxicated. Reed ultimately fired young from his police chief position. Young has since filed suit against the town.

During his personal statement, Reed said that the political climate has degenerated to the point that his presence was preventing meaningful progress and that he was stepping down to overcome the dysfunctional, divisive and destructive attitudes of late.

Dana reed will officially step down on Thursday. The agreement breaks down this way...

Reed's salary is $110,699.

65% of that will go to his Retirement health savings account.

$17,500 will be used as a catch-up contribution to his retirement plan

The rest, $ 21, 234, will be paid out as regular compensation