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Climate Change Symposium in Machias, Maine

On Thursday, April 21, at the University of Maine, Machias, Science Room 102, climate scientists and local people with practical ideas will speak informally, answer questions, and engage in discussions with the public all day, from 9:00am to 5:00pm, with a free movie at 5:45pm.

The entire program is free. People can call 207-434-6228 for more information. Coffee, tea, and some organic snacks provided.

The morning session will concentrate on the science of climate change and global methods of mitigating its effects. The afternoon session will focus on local and regional efforts here in Maine, and discuss what more can be done. Presenters will appear in this order:

Morning Session:
Dr. Sajed Kamal from Brandeis University, noted climate scientist and author of The Renewable Revolution: How We Can Fight Climate Change, Prevent Energy Wars, Revitalize the Economy and Transition to a Sustainable Future (Earthscan, 2010), or The book was praised by Bill McKibben, Howard Zinn, Ross Gelbspan, et als.
With more than thirty years of experience in the renewable energy field, he has been a lecturer and consultant internationally, setting up projects in the United States, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Armenia and El Salvador. His work has also provided the basis for projects in Latin America, Europe and Africa. He is also an award-winning poet, artist, educational consultant, psychotherapist, translator and published author of a dozen books.

Tom Hennessey of Brewer, Maine, is a noted Maine woods, waters, and wildlife writer and artist, best known locally for his columns and drawings for the Bangor Daily News. He has written several books on Maine’s wildlife and the old ways of Maine.
He will speak on "Changes I've Seen Recently in Maine's Woods & Waters." He is well-known in art circles, as well, with paintings in New York City galleries. You can view them and more at
  ***Tom Hennessey has donated a beautiful Bull Moose print to Clean Earth Farms to help raise money for raised-bed gardens in people’s yards in Washington County’s Unorganized Territories. The print will be at the Symposium, and Raffle tickets will be available. Drawing will be later.

Richard Komp, Ph.D., who resides in Jonesport, Maine, travels almost constantly to Third World countries teaching poor villagers how to build solar panels and solar cookers. This gives these villages their first electricity. Dr Komp is a physicist and engineer who also gives solar workshops at his off-the-grid solar home in Jonesport. He is President of the Maine Solar Energy Association and Editor of their newsletter. His website is
***People can bring bag lunches to eat as discussion continues through lunch.***

Afternoon Session:
Ernest Edwards, Architect for 30 years, American Institute of Architects board member advocating for energy-efficient architecture to help mitigate fossil fuel addiction, has worked on projects in three continents including Third World countries, commercial projects in Europe and USA, the U.S. military, and now Chair of Massachusetts Sierra Club’s Energy committee, working with others towards energy-efficient building codes.

Normand Laberge, Ph.D., is an engineer working on getting approval for his tidal dam energy proposal in the Pleasant Point-Eastport waters, which would provide energy for up to 10,000 Washington County households. He has also been environmental inspector with the U.S. Navy in Cutler, Maine. He lives in Trescott. His website is

Ambrose R. Spencer of Boston will give a slide presentation on Climate Change mitigation and adaptation based on Henrik Lund’s Renewable Energy Systems work in Denmark. He has taught at Boston Architectural College, at Wentworth Institute and, in Maine has spoken at Bates College and Chewonki Institute, etc., and is on the Boards of several Boston-area sustainable energy organizations.

Nancy Oden, Maine environmental advocate, writer, and organic grower, will list practical means to mitigate Climate Change which people can undertake themselves, and some of which society as a whole needs to address. She organized and will chair the Symposium. Her latest projects are on her website,

UMM students will talk about what they’re doing on campus to lower CO2 emissions, and other environmentally-friendly actions they’ve taken and will take on campus.
When speakers are finished, people can eat their brown bag suppers as roundtable discussion continues with all presenters.

Organic desserts will be provided, if they don’t all get eaten earlier in the day.

At approximately 5:45pm – 6:00pm, we will show the movie, “The Economics of Happiness,”, which features several international Climate Change and environmental activists, including Bill McKibben of , David Korten, Richard Heinberg, and Dr. Vandana Shiva, a scientist known world-wide for her work against Monsanto’s genetically-altered seeds and for educating people about Climate Change and what can be done. Her website:

Symposium sponsored by Clean Earth Farms, and the Maine Solar Energy Association, For more information, 207-434-6228 or 207-497-2204, e-mail