What is Facebook Newsfeed Optimization?

What is Facebook Newsfeed Optimization?

There is a lot of talk about Facebook Newsfeed Optimization and Social Media Optimization going on. Some are saying it is as important as SEO.

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Movies: "Fast Five"

Movies:  "Fast Five"

With the arrival of “Fast Five” in movie theaters, I declare the summer movie season officially open.  


This continuation of the “Fast and Furious” franchise delivers all the rock-’em-sock-’em mayhem summer audiences are presumably looking for, while borrowing plot points from the far more sophisticated “Oceans Eleven” series.  Still, it’s a rousing action pic set in exotic Rio de Janeiro, which makes for a different point of view, I guess.


Great Advances at the Dorcas Library in Prospect Harbor

Great Advances at the Dorcas Library in Prospect Harbor

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know about some wonderful updates at the Dorcas Library in Prospect Harbor!

The library received a grant to update the library system itself a few months ago as I have mentioned before in a previous blog. This grant involves replacing the current book check-out system that is all done by hand currently. The new system is the upgraded bar code system that will make so much easier at the library with checking out a book, keeping track of books that are overdue, and connecting our library with the rest of the states libraries over the computer!

Currently, the system is being worked into the library with the help of their volunteers. Every book in the library has to be handled and have a bar code place in the book, then have it placed into the computer system. One wonderful advantage from the grant was the chance to get two laptops for the library.