Three Peninsula Healthcare Organizations Collaborate on Hope for the Holidays Event

Hundreds of men and women across the Blue Hill Peninsula face many challenges as they care for loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, ALS, cancer, and other illnesses.  These challenges can seem especially daunting during the holiday season.  Holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving often provoke memories of more carefree times, unmarred by health concerns that place tremendous physical and emotional demands on entire families, and full-time caregivers in particular. 

To make the holidays a little brighter for caregivers and their loved ones, three local organizations are collaborating on a new event that will include a festive meal and respite care for local families.  Blue Hill Memorial Hospital, Friendship Cottage, and Hancock County Homecare & Hospice have developed this event, Hope for the Holidays, which will take place on Saturday, December 11.  Volunteers from all three organizations are making the eve

Tremont students get a special visitor from Afghanistan

TREMONT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Students in Tremont who have been sending care packages to Troop 1136 in Afghanistan all year recognized veterans today and had a very special visitor.

Dale Bergeron of Glenburn is a soldier in Troop 1136 and was a surprise guest at the Tremont School assembly where his niece and nephew are 6th grade students. He's serving his third tour and is currently on two-week leave, but goes back overseas Thursday until May. Bergeron said he is overwhelmed by the community's support. He told the students how special their packages to the troops are and how much they mean to the soldiers.

"It means a lot," Staff Sgt. Bergeron said. "It almost brings a tear every time you get stuff like this from kids. Words can't really explain the emotion from it."

Maine Forest Service Calls for Big Tree Nominations

Maine, more than any other state in the country, is blessed with trees, and the Maine Forest Service, under the Maine Department of Conservation, is looking for the largest specimens.

Nominations for the 2011/2012 Maine Register of Big Trees are being sought and can be submitted through Dec. 31. The register then is printed in a book form and also is available on line.

“State champion big trees capture our imagination for their size and strength,” Jan Ames Santerre, director of the Maine Forest Service’s Project Canopy, which handles the register, said. “There is more to a champion, however, than just its size -- they are symbols of all the good work that trees do for the quality of the environment and our quality of life.”

The Maine Forest Service (MFS) has been compiling a list of the largest known specimens of native and naturalized trees in the state since 1968. The 2009/2010 Register contains 159 trees, representing 149 species.

A sunken boat brings the Stonington community together

STONINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- People in Stonington are closing ranks with a family that lost its boat at Lobster Web Co., a private dock that buys and sells lobsters.

Authorities say the boat was deliberately sunk this fall sending shockwaves through this tightly-knit community.

Those at Lobster Web Co. say that based on where their security cameras are located, they can conclude that someone intentionally came by boat to sink a Stonington lobsterman's vessel at the end of October.

Maine Marine Patrol say three lines were cut and four boats were involved in the incident that led to Richard Bubar's boat being sunk. With the end of fishing season still a few weeks away, a loss like this has crippled his income.

Arrival of New Maternity Equipment at MCMH

Maine Coast Memorial Hospital Obstetrics Nurse Dolores Childs poses with the new infant warmer, which has several technology upgrades enabling medical staff to quickly respond to a variety of health concerns that may arise.

The infant warmer was made possible through support from Maine Coast Healthcare Foundation.

Maine Coast Healthcare Foundation was established in 2003 for the purpose of promoting, fostering and financially assisting Maine Coast Memorial Hospital and its affiliated clinics. Gifts to the nonprofit Foundation are provided by those who recognize the tremendous need to sustain excellence in healthcare in our region of coastal Maine.

Grants made by the Foundation support patient care, education, technology and facilities at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital.

Firestein to speak on US-China Relations in Ellsworth

Next February's Camden Conference on "The Challenges of Asia," will be live-streamed to The Grand for the first time and has already begun to inspire a lively series of community events in the Down East area, beginning on Friday, November 19th, with a talk by David Firestein.   Firestein’s talk, "The Politics of US-China Relations," takes place at the Ellsworth Public Library from 1-3pm.   The event is free and open to all.

Firestein, who is Vice President for the Strategic Trust-Building Initiative and Track 2 Diplomacy at the East-West Institute in New York, leads EWI’s China, Russia and United States initiatives, reporting to the president. A career U.S. diplomat from 1992 to 2010, Firestein is an expert in China, Russia, public diplomacy and U.S. politics. In his Foreign Service career, he served at the U.S. embassies in Beijing and Moscow. Firestein speaks near native-level Chinese and fluent Russian and has interpreted for senior U.S.

Senior citizens learn secrets to a healthy mind

STOCKTON SPRINGS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- It is important for elderly people to keep their bodies active but on Thursday a few senior citizens learned the value of keeping a healthy mind as well.

People went to the Stockton Springs Community Church to learn a few tricks to promote the health of their brains. Amy Cotton, who is a nurse practitioner at Rosscare, showed how even the simplest mental exercises can go a long way in reaching that goal.

Examples of exercises include estimating distances or the number of people in a room or even grocery shopping without a list. Cotton also says maintaining a healthy diet, staying active and trying new things can go far in promoting brain health for seniors.