Book Signing

Book Signing

Please join us for a book signing and sampling of treats from the collection of cookbooks by Elinor Kilvens on Saturday December 18th from 2-4pm at the good table, 68 Main Street, Belfast, ME.

Autobody shop hopes to hit the big time

SARGENTVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A Sargentville duo is working to teach the art of car and truck modification in an inventive way.

Chris Norris and Aaron Grindal own Coastal Autobody. You may remember them as the pair who refurbished a truck to raise breast cancer awareness.

Now, they're filming a tv show called "The Mod Shop," where they show viewers how to make basic modifications on their own.

"They can see it being done by normal people, not TV personality people," said Grindal. "They can see it being done with normal tools in a normal shop."

They say they're hoping to have a network pick up the show, but if that doesn't work out, they'll turn it into an internet show and post their episodes to sites like Youtube and Facebook, so people can still learn from professionals.







Milltown Crossing closed because of flooding

CALAIS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Flooding has prompted the closure of the bridge at the Customs and Border Protection  Milltown port of entry in Calais. Traffic is being rerouted to two nearby crossings.

The Ferry Point port of entry is approximately one mile downstream and is available to passenger vehicles only. The new International Avenue port of entry is approximately one mile upstream and is available to both passenger vehicles and commercial trucks.

In recent days, the area has received between six and eight inches of rain.


Cleanup begins in Washington County following heavy rainstorm

CALAIS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- The rain that hammered much of the state over the last few days is gone, but it has left some extensive flood damage behind in parts of Washington County.

South Street in Calais remained closed on Tuesday as crews from the Maine Department of Transportation worked to repair damage. Water from a nearby brook forced a culvert under the street clear out of the ground on Monday and sent several feet of water onto the road.

A similar incident occured on Route 192 in Marshfield Monday night, as water from a brook that flows from Marks Lake flowed onto the roadway and tore it up. DOT crews out of Jonesboro were busy fixing it early Tuesday.  

Officials say as many as 15 roads in the Machias area were barricaded yesterday because of the flood damage. Most of those roads are now open.

Two Maine Communities Receive $50,000 Creative Community Development Grants

The Maine Arts Commission announced today that two communities in Maine will receive grants of $50,000 in order to effect community revitalization in their region.
The grants, designed to support dialogue and partnership between municipalities, business and the cultural sector regarding economic development, are the first to be awarded through the Maine Arts Commission’s new Creative Communities = Economic Development Grant (CCED). The grants have been delivered to consortiums of arts organizations in Biddeford and Eastport.
The City Theater, Engine, Heart of Biddeford, and University of New England will use the CCED funding for the promotion of economic development centered on the arts in downtown Biddeford.

Maine students track tiny boats across Atlantic

GORHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Students from several Maine schools are tracking unmanned boats on a long, slow journey toward Europe.

The students built the five-foot long sailboats and equipped them with GPS tracking systems. The crew of a Brazilian freighter dropped them off in the Caribbean, and students will track them on line as they make their way into and across the Atlantic Ocean.

It's a hands-on way to study wind patterns and ocean currents.


4:30 TILL 6:00

This will be a drive thru event. Cars will enter in driveway. Someone will be there to let them know where to proceed to…proceed past Mary, Jospeh and a live “donkey”...shepards will be in field just before drive way ends, possibly with a live goat in presence…Angels will be as you turn right at parking lot..possibly on back of a parked truck with spotlight and hark the herald angles playing.. continue to corner of parking lot where you will find the manger…a large star will be lit on the light pole in yard…visible for all to see. Continue on to find the three wise men bearing gifts...each spot will be lit in some manner...continue ridng on the back side of the church where visitors are welcome to park and come inside for hot chocolate, coffee and cookies or they may just leave. They also may park and walk past.  

This event is free.