Arrest made in connection with Eastport death

EASTPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A man has been arrested in connection with the suspicious death of 75-year-old Maurice Harris, said Steve McCaulsland, State of Maine Public Safety Spokesperson.

Hazen McDugald of Eastport will be in court Friday afternoon facing aggravated assault and violation of bail charges.

McCausland confirmed these charges are connected to Harris' death.

According to police, the body of 75-year-old Maurice Harris by was found inside a house on Clark Street about 10 p.m. Thursday September 10th by Eastport Police, who had been called to the home to check on the person living there.

Acadia National Park car-free Saturday morning September 26

MOUNT DESERT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - If you're planning a visit to Acadia next weekend, leave your car at home!

Acadia National Park is having a car-free morning that will go into effect from midnight Saturday, September 26 until noon. At that time about 25 of the 27 miles of the park loop road will be closed to cars.

The Island Explorer along with some tour buses will still be running. Park-goers will be able to walk, bicycle and even skateboard without a lot of traffic.

The park service is in the process of conducting a transportation plan to reduce congestion while improving the visitor experience.

King wants National Park contract process reform

BAR HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Senators Angus King and Susan Collins are continuing to fight the National Park Service over the way it awards contracts to companies providing concession services inside national parks.

The issue became hearted last year when the park service selected a New Mexico based corporation over a Maine company to operate the Acadia National Park concessions, including three gift shops and the restaurant at Jordan Pond House.

Acadia Corporation had been operating those concessions for 80 years before losing the bid last year. Dawnland LLC, a New Mexico based company, signed a 10-year contract with the park service.

Sen. King believes the bidding process is flawed because they didn't factor in the $3 million impact to the local economy. He said they're not holding the company accountable for what it promises in the bidding process.

Anonymous donor saves Ellsworth free clinic

ELLSWORTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- An anonymous donor has stepped forward to help keep the Ellsworth Free Medical Clinic open.

Just a month ago, the clinic thought it might have to close in August due to lack of funds. This week, the clinic received a grant of $25,000, which is enough to keep its doors open until at least the end of the year, according to staff.

The Maine Community Foundation organized the grant, but the source of the money remains a secret, even to the clinic's staff.

Bar Harbor could break cruise ship visit record

BAR HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- May is the unofficial start of cruise ship season.

A handful of the vessels bringing tourists from all over the world have already docked at Maine ports. Bar Harbor could even set a record for the number of cruise ship passengers expected to visit this year.

If there are few changes to the 2015 schedule, 170,000 people from the ships could visit the town.The largest of the cruise ships set to dock this year, Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas carries over 3600 passengers.

According to Cruise Maine, cruise ships brought roughly $45 million to Maine's economy in 2013.

Not every business gets an equal share of visitors when the passengers get here though.

Eastport-Deer Island Ferry won't run this summer

EASTPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A summer tradition in Eastport will be taking a vacation of its own this year.

The seasonal ferry between Eastport and Deer Island, New Brunswick won't be running.

According to the Eastport Port Authority, the Canadian company that runs the ferry got an offer from the province to operate another ferry route in New Brunswick.

Although the number of passengers on the ferry dropped significantly after 9/11 when passports were needed to go to Canada, it's still a local tradition.

Testimony in nurse's license trial ends

MACHIAS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A registered nurse from Steuben fighting to keep his nursing license from being suspended testified Thursday as the case drew to a close.

In 2010, the state nursing board voted to suspend John Zablotny's license for two years. They were holding him responsible for discharging a heavily medicated patient and letting him leave the hospital on a New Year's Day snowstorm in 2008. The patient, 61-year-old Reid Emery, was found dead the next day not far from the hospital.

Zablontny teared up three times on the stand as he explained a play-by play of the two hours Zablotny interacted with Emery. His lawyer, Zablotny's attorney Joe Baldacci argued that his client clearly did not have the information he should have had about Mr. Emery.